Foods You Should Sample When Visiting Essex

Every cultural group around the world has a type of dish they call their own. Some of the dishes may seem similar though their preparations are very much different. Essex is known to prepare high-quality English food. This is the best county in England to have a taste of the best English dishes. Here are some of the great dishes you should try while visiting Essex.

Fish & Chips

This is the most known dish in Essex. Fish are easy to access as the county has a very long coastline. This dish has popularity all over the world as an English dish. This traditional dish in Essex should top the list of foods you should try out. You might want to visit the Timbers Restaurant for some delicious affordable fish and chips.

Sunday Roast

This is a traditional meal which should be taken on Sundays mid-afternoon to 5 pm in the evening. Sunday roast can be accompanied with turkey, pork, lamb, beef, chicken or veggies. It is always important to have a Yorkshire pudding on your Sunday roast. Beef is to be served with the Yorkshire pudding according to the English tradition. The traditional roast should have beans, gravy, potatoes, and vegetables. The roast should be large enough to give one full satisfaction. Can Elite is a great spot for you to try out the Sunday roast.

Pie & Mash

Pies have come from simple pork pies to the current wide variety of them. The traditional pie is served with mashed potatoes. It is added gravy on it to make much tastier. The best place to have a pie Essex is Dukes Bistro. They serve the beach pies in Essex and at great prices.

As a culture, foods in Essex outlets are prepared with passion and skill. The dining culture in the county will also please any visitor.