Things to Do in Essex

Essex has some of the richest historical structures in the world. It also has other major tourist attraction sites, including sandy beaches. These great sites are not expensive to visit, and some of them are entirely free of charge to attend.

People visiting the county can also explore with ease without having to carry their cases wherever they go. Facilities such as London left luggage take baggage off a traveller’s hands and keep it safe at a small fee.

Here are undoubtedly some of the best places to visit in Essex.

Hollytrees Museum

The museum had been private property for centuries before it was transferred to public ownership in 1922. It carries a lot of history about the area. It has several exhibits showing the heritage of the people of the area. It is located in Castle Park close to Colchester Castle. One can take a look at the museum after having an excellent outing at the park.

Hadleigh Castle

It’s great to see the ruins which still exist since the 13th century. One also gets a chance to enjoy the view of Leigh-on-Sea and over the Hadleigh Ray. This is undoubtedly renowned as one of the most photographed areas in Essex. Hadleigh Park is also great fun, as it gives tourists a chance to enjoy nature. The park has several cycling and walking trails for visitors to have an exciting outing. Things get much better as the park also has several water-based activities.

Piers and Beaches

Essex has a coastline of about 350 miles. This makes it the county with the second most extensive coastline in England. There are also significant piers in the seaside areas. Southend pier is the most known since it features among the longest piers in the world. These pieces of infrastructure always get visitors excited.