If you really want to get a genuine feel of traditional England, then you should visit Essex. The county has refused to let go of some of the country’s most valued customs. Still, it has managed to embrace modernity, so locals and visitors do not feel as though they are going right back to the stone age.

This site looks at the unique county of Essex, exploring how it has managed to remain traditional in the face of changing times. Such stories are discussed in several sections.

What to Do in Essex

There are a lot of things to do in this exciting county, but there are some pursuits which can only be found here. This section has articles that look at some of the activities that will make a visitor feel as though they genuinely toured Essex. It touches on the places to go, where to stay and a little about shopping.

Foods to Sample in Essex

The genuine feel of any destination is its cuisine. Essex is well aware of this and has worked diligently to retain the English cuisine. This article touches on the special foods which travellers need to sample and where to get them.

History of Essex

To give any visitor, and locals too, an accurate picture of the county, there is a unique article on the area’s history. The article has essential basics about the county, such as when it was founded and the various changes it has undergone to date. It also offers tips on where people can learn more about the county.