What is Essex Famous For?

Name any place around the world, and you will definitely get a feature or two that stand out and make it famous. Essex is well endowed with famous things. Talk about towns, buildings, natural features and other things in Essex that are famous and ones you would like to visit. Some of the remarkable things include:

The Rettendon Murders

It occurred on the 6th of December, 1995. Three drug dealers in Rettendon, Essex, were shot and they all died. The drug dealers were travelling in a Range Rover at the time of the shooting hence the alternative name the Range Rover Murders. Many films and books have featured this incident in their storyline, making it famous.

South End Pier

It is a structure built above a large water body, and it carries pedestrians, lifeboat crews, and a shuttle train. The south end pier is owned and maintained by the Southend Council and was designed by James Brunlees. It was constructed using iron piles, and it is 2,158M long. It is a significant landmark that makes Essex famous.

The Only Way is Essex

This is a reality television show. The TV series is unscripted, and it is based in Brentwood, England. The narrator of the show is Denise Van Outen. It was created by Ruth Wrigley and Tony Wood and has a total of 299 episodes. The show is among the things that put Essex on the map and locals are really proud of it.


This town is the oldest in Essex. The old town was once a capital for Roman Britain. One of the features that make this town a famous one is Colchester Castle built in the 11th century. Colchester has a great history, and there is a museum there that keeps generations up-to-date with the area’s history.